A Fork in the Road

JAN 27

I had dinner the other night at the home of a famous actress, the food prepared by a famous French chef.  To say that the multicourse meal was astonishing, delicious and nothing short of exhilarating, would be an understatement.  It was abundant and memorable.

Our family is coming to the end of a rather extended holiday period, beginning sometime around Thanksgiving with a large family reunion, special anniversary celebration, and a copious round of terrific meals in New York City.  It is only now coming to a close weeks into the new year, following massive amounts of food-oriented celebrations both homemade and restaurant served, as we head to LAX to deliver our younger son and his girlfriend to their flight back to their college apartment in Brooklyn.

It is now that I am once again, faced with a dilemma – a fork in the road, if you will.

As my devoted family, friends and various supporters will remember, in May of 2010, as our two sons were working their ways through high school and becoming increasingly independent, I felt myself succumbing to a mid-life crisis of sorts, managing to salvage my remaining sanity and dignity by starting a tiny catering company which I named “No Reservations”, blogging about it in the process.  (If you’re interested in following my public culinary journey from its inception, you can still find it out there on “the internets” at http://ihavenoreservations.blogspot.com)


See what I mean?

For many years, my husband Daniel and I nurtured our inherent foodie inclinations through frequent entertaining in our home, staying current on trendsetting restaurants, and taking culinary inspired vacations.  Over the years, I took over most of the cooking responsibilities and with the creation of No Reservations, basically lived and breathed food. Not surprisingly, as my confidence and creativity in the kitchen grew, so did my waistline.


Is it one or the other?

Therefore, after our son dramatically changed his body working out with a trainer and following a more healthy fitness diet, I too entered into what has become a long-term, life changing friendship with the trainer.  As a result, I lost over 50 pounds, learned a tremendous amount about healthy eating and cooking techniques, invested in my trainer’s new gym, and have even taught some ‘fit cooking’ demonstrations to its members.

So here I am at a crossroads.  My husband has recently retired and our sons are both living fairly independent lives, leaving us free to eat what and where we like, and to travel when we can.  I want to indulge in this newfound freedom and yet, I want to maintain a fit lifestyle.  So I’m trying to incorporate some indulgence but keep a healthy balance. Is that realistic or even possible?  Do we have to choose All or Nothing? I feel like I’m supposed to have all the answers at this point but I don’t. So at the urging of my loved ones, I am stepping into the public forum to explore this honestly and with what I’m sure will be plenty of missteps.  I hope to find my way and am looking forward to hearing about your personal journeys as well.

At the very least, as Daniel says “When you come to a Fork in the Road, PICK IT UP!”

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