Digging “Deep”

For the last few weeks, I’ve been presenting you with ‘foundation recipes’ with which you can begin building your personal culinary repertoire.  But because of an issue I’ve brought to light on A Fork in the Road’s Facebook page, I think it’s time for a brief time-out.  It’s my utmost desire to represent my mission on this blog (ie, finding a healthy, livable balance in my life) in the most honest way I can, so even though I’m feeling a little squeamish about going public with this, I think it’s important to do so.  I need to get over myself.

Several days ago, I revealed that my husband and I had begun a rather extreme “Deep Cleanse” together.  What’s more, this wasn’t even our first time. Sometime last year, we endeavored to jump start our effort to lose a few pounds following a very indulgent and wonderful European vacation, and on the recommendation of our trainer, agreed to try a cleanse.  It was difficult (and not at all fun) but by taking the challenge together and supporting each other, we were successful in reaching our modest goals.  This is definitely not a strategy I would choose for finding a balance on a regular basis.  It would be neither a healthy nor happy way to live.  But we did feel satisfaction with the outcome… and then vowed never to undertake a cleanse again!

Here I am less than a year later, and I find myself faced with another challenge, one that is an exciting and fun opportunity.  In a relatively short amount of time I may be standing in a television studio in front of cameras taping a segment on a cooking program to be viewed nationwide.  I want to look the best that I can in about four weeks.  If I can drop a few pounds during that time, I will be back on track, eating more healthfully and feeling fitter. To me, these are modest but important goals that, from past experience, I believe are achievable.  I will rightfully be nervous and anxious to perform at my best.  If I can feel (somewhat) confident in my appearance, all the better. But to get there on this Deep Cleanse, this is what I’ve had to do:

Isagenix %22Snacks!%22

Don’t these look yummy? Notice the nickel in the foreground?

This particular cleanse requires a nine day commitment, during which time, the first two and last two days consist of about a teaspoon of nutritional powder in 1/2 cup of room temperature water, four times a day.  These drinks are interspersed with “snacks” and a couple of supplement capsules.  During the middle five days, two nutritional shakes and one 400-600 calorie meal per day are allowed. These are also supplemented by more “snacks”.  Oh, and plenty of water – constantly.  We’re talking a gallon of water at least, per day.  As someone who is never without a glass or bottle of water, I’ve got this last part covered.  In spades. The rest of this program?  Not so much.

To say I’ve been a  little on edge is putting it mildly.  And did I mention we are maintaining our gym regiment as well? I guess I don’t really have a right to complain or feel sorry for myself since I elected to undertake this torture, right?  But that’s the point.  Even with the best of intentions, we sometimes stray from what’s best for us and then suddenly, LIFE HAPPENS.  We’re presented with new challenges or conflicts and how do we reconcile them while struggling to remain true to who we think we really are?

So there you have it.  My quest continues, striving to live mostly in mid-swing of the pendulum, not at either extreme end.   And I find myself often, in a sort of juggling act to maintain equilibrium.  Maybe sometimes we have to swing far to the right (but not politically) and far to the left to find homeostasis or even, to reach temporary goals.

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One Response to Digging “Deep”

  1. Michelle Ward-Brent says:

    This is terrific – all of it. Rather clichéd saying but you go girl You continue to amaze, simply amaze Suzanne. Cheering from afar.

    Liked by 1 person

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